Material Imagination

Public discussion on living materials

by Material Imagination
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Imagine materials that sense, grow and adapt into their applications. Imagine using such materials to build houses, formulate personal care products, and make food and clothes. With the recent advances in synthetic biology and material research, it is now possible to combine living cells with non-living components, to exploit the sensory, secretory and motility apparatus of cells for advanced material functionality.

In this session, we will present our own and others’ research on living materials. We will use interactive approaches developed by a team of physicists, social scientists and designers to invite you to imagine the possible applications and futures for this new technology. Our aim is to create a dialogue that will enrich and shape the research process in socially desirable outcomes.

This event is a part of the Saturday Morning Science series organised by Durham University’s Science Departments.

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Date And Time


07-03-2020 @ 10:30 AM


07-03-2020 @ 12:30 PM


Stockton Road, Durham, Calman Learning Centre


Calman Learning Centre, Durham University

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